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Wood Siding, Day 1
Much of the charm of older houses, such as this Craftsman style cottage, built for the Eignus family on Woodlawn Avenue in San Antonio in 1917, is the small details and subtle refinements that are hard to find in modern houses.  Many of these older houses used wooden board siding, milled to various patterns, simply because it was cheaper to use than rock or brick.  
alamo hardwoods | san antonio | historic reproduction wood siding | double teardrop 117
Wood Siding, Year 90
Obviously, after 100 or so years this house has seen better days.
alamo hardwoods | san antonio | reproduction historic wood siding | double teardrop pattern 117
Reproduced "Double Teardrop" (pattern 117) Wood Siding
But we are able to match not only the design, but also the sizes of the older wooden sidings that are common on so many older houses in San Antonio.  The current standards for milled wood are smaller than years ago.  So if you pick up a new piece of mass production siding from most places, it will be 1/4" to 1/2" smaller than the older version was.  This becomes an issue if you are trying to fill in a few rows in an existing wall.  
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Swain Edens, Photographer Extraordinaire
Our good friend and photographer, Swain Edens, called us to come inspect his 1880 farmhouse in Monte Vista.  He was interested in covering the skirt in wood siding to match the existing exterior.  After a quick walk-around, we asked, "Which one of the four?". He had not noticed that there were actually multiple profiles on the house. There was the original version from 1880, 1 x 6's with details often called "German" siding. Then there was a wing added sometime later with a slight variation.  About 1910 there were some patches made with the common design of that moment. Then, in the 1940's or 50's, a bathroom was added. The wall was cut in two places , the original siding pulled out several feet, and the two sides covered with the common "105" siding of the day.
alamo hardwoods | san antonio | historic reproduction wood siding
1890's meets 1950s (hooray for indoor plumbing!)

alamo hardwoods | san antonio | historic reproduction wood siding
1890's meets 1910 patch job

alamo hardwoods | san antonio | historic reproduction wood siding | monte vista
New Wood Siding to Cover Skirt
We worked with Swain to create a design that pulled the best of all time periods to make siding for the skirt covering.  The finished product blends but also complements the original versions.
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Melody Hair Salon, Monte Vista
Then his wife, Melody Edens decided to open a hair salon down the street... The fun of old houses never ends.
alamo hardwoods | san antonio | historic reproduction wood siding
Melody Salon Rear View

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Schertz Library
Wood siding can also be used to highlight modern exteriors, as well.  The firm of Kell Munoz chose a natural finished wood siding with a smooth exterior to accent the new public library for the city of Schertz, Texas.  We worked closely with the architect to create samples for him to decide what would convey the proper mix of old and new, with magazine quality results....
alamo hardwoods | san antonio | schertz public library kell munoz cypress siding
Select Grade "New-Growth" Cypress with oil finish, Schertz Public Library

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Exterior Shading Devices, Schertz Public Library

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