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Guest Blogger James Hammons, UTSA Architecture student
The dialogue between man and wood is more perhaps revered and esteemed than any other material. It is a love that can be attributed to its characteristic materiality. Wood has a unique warmth and charm because its nature allows us to very easily understand it and its relationship with the forces of nature.

The simplest to understand is time. Sure, other materials age, but the rust of steel and crumbling of concrete lend only a vision of degradation as time moves on. The message of these materials is singular and simple; man's conquering of nature, as if such a thing could be done.  However, even the most basic understanding of the properties of wood lends not only a relationship of time, but knowledge of the place life has in time.

A cross section  of a tree shows us the way the tree has been formed by time and adaptation.  We can understand age, drought, climate, etc. A milled board is capable of enticing any thought or emotion.  The smell of cedar might bring back a distant memory. Grain might spur a thought about nature and order.  A natural edge cut slab might bring feelings of awe and peace.  Perhaps this is why, when used expressively, wood resonates so perfectly and so naturally with the human soul.
James Hammons, UTSA Architecture student, guest blogger

alamo hardwoods | san antonio redwood stunp 500 years old

alamo hardwoods | san antonio  | bark wood lumber

alamo hardwoods | san antonio | natural edge close up tree

alamo hardwoods | san antonio

alamo hardwoods | san antonio

alamo hardwoods | san antonio

alamo hardwoods | san antonio

alamo hardwoods | san antonio

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