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Mexico Revisited

alamo hardwoods | san antonio | mexico city | pyramid with church
Ancient sculpture with Colonial Church
Mexico exemplifies the clash and melding of cultures that is the "New World".  Upon arrival, the intent was to take the people who had been here for thousands of years and "convert" them to Christianity for the good of the crown.  To drive home the point of who was now in charge, any holy spot was targeted for colonial construction in the image of Spanish architecture.  The details will sometimes pop out from the strangest of places.  A piece of stone reused here and there.

Each architectural fashion from Europe has crashed over the shores like a wave.  The high French fashion was imported for the most expensive houses in the most fashionable neighborhoods.  The materials available were put to use in the newest trends: inlaid floors etc.

Sometimes a structure took SO long to build, that by the time they had completed it, fashion had changed. Such is the case with the Palace of Fine Arts known as Bellas Artes.  The exterior screams the "Belle Epoque", dripping in more marble than one can imagine.  But enter the gilded doors, and suddenly forty years have passed and the interior is the height of fashion in the Art Deco style straight off the Paris runways!  Marble shines under the glow from frosted Lalique style frozen light "fountains". Yet the color palette of the marble is radically different. Gone is the fluffy wedding cake, replaced by dark chocolate slabs.

And that repressed native culture? The Aztec gods Tlaloc and Chaac make cameo appearances in the ornamentation as gargoyle !
alamo hardwoods | san antonio | mexico city| coyoacan | colonial convent
Colonial Convent in Coyoacan

alamo hardwoods| mexico city | empire style french
French Empire Style Imported

alamo hardwoods| san antonio | mexico city | empire french house parquet floors

alamo hardwoods | san antonio | mexico city| bellas artes exterior
Bellas Artes

alamo hardwoods | san antonio | mexico city | bellas artes interior | art deco
Bellas Artes, Art Deco Interior

alamo hardwoods | san antonio | mexico city | bellas artes | dome interior | art deco light fixture | glazed tiles
Dome of Bellas Artes

alamo hardwoods | san antonio | bellas artes | mexico city | art deco door
Art Deco Detailing in the most "humble" of places

alamo hardwoods | mexico city | ancient motif art deco | bellas artes | gargoyle face
Ancient Culture Resurfaces

alamo hardwoods | san antonio

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